Microsoft Office 2016 Key: How to Activate on First Use


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When you purchase a Microsoft Office 2016 key, your computer has a copy of Microsoft Office 2016 installed. This page provides instructions for activating (activation). Microsoft Office Professional 2016 Product Key for free 2018. The first time you use Office 2016 after purchasing. For example, if you bought a ASUS laptop, to find out if you need a product key, please visit the link below:

Target Products >

  • Microsoft Office Personal 2016
  • Microsoft Office Home and Business 2016
  • Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2016

Where to buy a cheap microsoft office 2016 key?

Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2016 CD-KEY (1 PC)

After Windows is initialized (Windows 8.1/Windows 10)

If you have done the following tasks, please follow the instructions on this page to activate it.

  • Windows 8.1: “Refresh your PC”, “Remove everything and reinstall Windows”
  • Windows 10: “Reset pc to initial state”

About reinstalling

After uninstalling Office 2016, see the following content for instructions on installing again. * This product is not included in the reinstall media.

About Microsoft Office 2016 Features

This is a package product that combines application software, such as Word and Excel, into one. Contact address For inquiries about Office products, such as not working correctly, please see below.

Activation MS Office 2016 procedures

MS Office 2016 Activation Wizard:

Step 1: sign in with a user account with administrator privileges.

Step 2: Close all applications that are running.

Step 3: Start the Office application in one of the following steps:

  • For Windows 7
  • For Windows 8.1
  • For Windows 10

Activate Office 2016 For Windows 7

Click Start-All Programs, and then select one of the Office applications. For example, select Excel 2016. Go to step 4.

Activate Office 2016 For Windows 8

On the Start screen, select one of the Office applications. For example, select Excel 2016. Go to step 4.

Activate Office 2016 For Windows 10

Click Start, and then select one of the Microsoft Office applications on the start Tile menu. For example, select Excel 2016. Go to step 4.

Step 4: You will see “Start”, and then click Activate.

Step 5: Click Enter Product Key, because you will see “Enter your Product key or sign in”.

Step 6: Enter your product key because you will see “Enter your Product Key”.

What to check before entering a product key? The product key is listed on the product Key card stored in the attached Office card.

When you enter a product key, you do not need to make a case-sensitive case.

  • If you cannot enter a product key
  • If you can’t enter a product key, there are a few possible reasons. Please check the contents below for details.

Step 7: Click Install, which appears when you type it correctly.

Step 8: If you see “Welcome to Office 2016”, wait for the next screen to appear.

Step 9: This is the first setting. If you are prompted, review the license agreement, and then click I agree.

Step 10: If you see “Welcome to Office 2016” again, click Start using XXXX (xxxx contains the name of the Office application).

You need to activate your Office product To use the Office product, you must activate it.

If your computer is connected to the Internet, activation is automatic, so there is no need to do so. If you do not have an Internet connection, follow the on-screen instructions to activate the phone.

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