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Nowadays the disks are no longer used to install a modern operating system, and the CD / DVD we found a serious competitor, the USB key. Indeed it is now possible to create quite simply a USB boot disk and then copy sources like that of Windows 7 ISO image.

In this article, you will find two methods to create a bootable USB key in order to install Windows 7. A first method very GEEK not not, windows 7 product key purchase and a really childish second that requires no skill.

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Before you begin the method Geek, here’s what you need to create the USB stick to boot Windows Seven:

It will be formatted by a 4 GB USB key, so make sure you back up your data before. The Windows 7 media or its ISO image, cheap windows 7 product key, in this case you will need a tool to read the ISO type files Daemon Tools. A workstation with Windows Vista minimum (and connect to administrator)

Step 1: The formatting of the key, We will format the Flash DRIVE “in the Geek”, IE not choosing the most common method. To follow these steps:

(1) connect your USB key to one of the USB ports on your computer

(2) click Start / All Programs / Accessories / command prompt

(3) then find the number of your drive by using the diskpart utility:

We will be as disc number disc 1 (which is the case if you have a disk over your USB key into your computer). This disk number must be noted because it will be used in the next operation.

(4) we will now format the 1 always drive by using diskpart by typing the following commands:

select disk 1
create partition primary
Select partition 1
format fs = NTFS

Here we are with a USB stick formatted in NTFS, it left that to make that bootable key, cheap windows 7 ultimate product key , otherwise you will not be able to start with your computer in order to install Windows 7.

Step 2: Make the key bootable

Open the command prompt again to run the bootsect utility that will make our key bootable. We will use the version in Windows Seven sources.

(1) put your Windows 7 DVD in your drive, or mount your ISO image of Windows 7 so that you can access the installation sources.

(2) change your drive by typing:
d: Attention to grasp the drive corresponding to your environment letter
CD d:\boot

(3) we now make our bootable USB key (we assume that our key drive letter the USB is Z :))

Step 3: Copy your sources on the USB key

Finally, your USB stick is bootable, cheap windows 7 product key , it remains more to copy all of your media Windows 7 from the DVD or the contents of the ISO image you downloaded.

Once finished, your key can be used to install Seven provided that your computer accept (and is configured) on a USB device.

Step 4: Setting the BIOS of your computer to boot from a USB storage device

Since computers are different at the BIOS level, it does not detail the Setup here, refer to your computer documentation.


Although it is nice to be able to create our key USB bootable to the Geek, cheap windows key sale, I prefer the simple method… Simply download the free utility on the Microsoft site: Windows 7 USB DVD Download Tool

Once you have downloaded this utility, you can create your key USB bootable with 4 mouse clicks

(1) launch Windows 7 USB DVD Download Tool

(2) select your ISO image of Windows 7

(3) choose USB Device (DVD being reserved for burning your ISO image)

(4) select the letter corresponding to your USB key drive and click Beging copying

Time to go get a cup of coffee and hop here is your key USB Bootable ready to be used to deploy Windows 7 Successful deployment.

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